Hey, Girl: Ryan Gosling Loves Him Some Mom Bloggers

I’m not much of a, uh, star gazer when it comes to famous actors. I am not someone that has a laminated copy of a “list” of famous dudes in my wallet that I’m allowed to break my marriage vows with (nor does my husband have a list of famous women HELL TO THE NO). But I’ll confess to having a bit of a soft, warm spot for Ryan Gosling. I mean, who didn’t love him in The Notebook? Not to mention how he was in Crazy Stupid Love (it almost made up for the crazy scary dude he played in Driver).

One of the oddest memes that I’ve seen pop up on the internet (and let’s face it that’s saying something) is the Ryan Gosling meme. It started, of course, with the site F**K Yeah Ryan Gosling! in 2009 and has been dubbed the “Hey Girl” meme. This has launched plenty of spin offs, including my favorite started by the awesome Danielle with her Feminist Ryan Gosling tumblr site (my favorite? “Hey girl. When you speak, I hear the revolution.”) and the popular-with-mom-bloggers site Handmade Ryan Gosling, and plenty more.

And now, lucky for us, Katie Granju has decided that the mom bloggers can stop feeling left out. Introducing: Ryan Gosling Loves Him Some Mom Bloggers.

What inspired Katie to do this? According to her recent Babble Voices post about it, she says:

…my favorite thing about Ryan Gosling is that he has now become the centerpiece of an entire online meme category. My personal favorites among the current Ryan Gosling meme themes are Handmade Ryan Gosling and Feminist Ryan Gosling, but I got to thinking why is there no Ryan Gosling meme specific to …..MOM BLOGGERS?!

I think she might be on to something. Here are a couple of my favorites. For more, go visit the site itself!

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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