Hey That Bottle Looks Just Like a Breast

mimijumi-breast-bottleYour breastfed baby might not have a problem switching to a bottle with the new innovation from Mimijumi, and you can always slip them into your bra when you’ve misplaced your falsies.

Bottle makers have been trying to get closer and closer to the real thing in recent years – perhaps because they were losing business to all those breastfeeders? But it looks like Mimijumi snipped off the real thing and put it on the bottle.

The company says the Very Hungry is made to resemble the nipple in both “color and texture.” That color is just for a very specific set of the population, but it does indeed look like a breast. And whether you’re pumping or supplementing, every little bit helps to get that baby to take that bottle.

Other than its top, the Very Hungry is just like your regular bottle, with replacement nipples offering different flow rates depending on the baby’s age. The bottle itself is your old-fashioned plastic (albeit BPA-free).

Will you be picking one up?


Image: Mimijumi

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Article Posted 7 years Ago

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