High School Girls Receive Death Threats After Racist YouTube Rant (Video)

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Reminder, teens: do not film yourself being racist, beating other children up, making threats, stripping naked, stealing, etc. etc. etc. or your life will become a living hell instantly. That’s what two female students at Gainesville High School in Florida learned recently after mocking black students at their school during a 14 minute YouTube rant.

The rant is filled with pretty standard, uninteresting stuff as far as racism goes. There’s nothing new here: black people spend all their money on expensive clothes instead of paying rent. Black women have babies to collect welfare. Black people don’t know how to talk. We’ve heard it all before. These disses sound so antiquated to me it’s hard for me to believe they were filmed in 2012. Although I will admit I was shocked hearing these girls dissecting the differences between “black people” and “n*ggers.” Leave it to Chris Rock … 16 years ago. I was also saddened to hear one of the girls jokingly describe her best friend “Marcel” as “Marcel the Shell.” Let’s not drag innocent talking shells into this mess, ladies. Be racist on your own.

The only fun part about witnessing white people being racist against black people, in either print or on film, is the opportunity to laugh at their ignorance through your outrage. So when the unnamed student on the left of the screen says, “Why can’t they f*cking talk right? I hate that! We are talking normal. We talk with very elligible … is that the right word?,” I just about died. I think she was searching for eloquent? But her friend giggles and says, “The vernacular,” then adds, whispering, “That’s the way someone told me to say it.”

Oh, America. Our public school system has failed our students. Not only do these girls look like idiots for their cultural views, they don’t even know how to add percentages. According to The Huffington Post, the girls in question “are no longer students at the school.” The Gainseville Sun intimates that they were not expelled because of their racist commentary, but withdrawn from the school for their own safety, since after this video went viral, the students received several death threats. The families of both girls have issued formal apologies to the community via the press.

One of the girls has “been in hiding” since the video was released (presumably the girl on the left of the screen, who leads the conversation) and her family has no idea how she’s going to be able to continue her education. The Sun reports, “Her mother said she talked to her daughter about the dangers of the Internet and monitored her social media activity as much as she could. Now, her daughter couldn’t post something if she wanted to. ‘No Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and certainly no Youtube,’ she said. ‘Everything is gone. The only thing she has is her cell phone and I’m thinking about taking that, too.'”

Here’s the video. Good luck in life, ladies:



Article Posted 5 years Ago

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