Hiker Who Cut Off Arm Says Unborn Son Saved Him

aron-ralstonRemember the mountain climber who cut off his own arm back in 2003 to save himself? Some people are wondering if he lost more than his arm in Blue John Canyon.

Aron Ralston told Today that his baby boy saved his life back in May 2003. Except the baby isn’t due to be born until February 2010.

Ralston says he had a specter of a child while he lay with an eight hundred pound boulder on his right forearm, pinning him in place. Ralston lay in place for five days before finally decide to amputating his own arm, freeing himself and saving his own life. It was on that day – day five of a six-day ordeal – that Ralston told Today he saw the child.

“”I certainly feel that this little boy is perhaps the same little boy that I saw the very last night I was stuck in the canyon, when I thought I was going to die,” Ralston said. “There was this little child, about 3 years old, blond hair, that I picked up and was interacting with with my left hand and a handless right arm, and I saw myself holding him there.”

Now Ralston’s wife Jessica is pregnant, and he’s excited to be a first time dad. We would be too – especially knowing how close he came to not making it there.

So what do you think – is the child for real or is he just trying to hype up attention for 127 Hours, the upcoming movie about his life?

Image: Guardian

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