Hilarious Baby Book Idea: Fill It with Worst Firsts (Illustrations)

My friend Raquel D’Apice is a comedian who just had a baby, so of course she’s blogging about it. Thankfully for us, not only is Raquel hilarious, she’s also an excellent illustrator, and those two things combined make for some unique comedy joy, as seen in Raquel’s latest blog post, “A Baby Book of Disasters.” Raquel has decided to fill her son’s baby book with these “worst firsts” below, instead of all the lame milestones like his first steps and first words. She’s allowed me to reprint her work here for your pleasure:

[collection type=’slideshow’ style=’classic’]

All captions and illustrations by Raquel D’Apice. Follow Raquel’s blog The Ugly Volvo at her site and on Facebook and Twitter for more great posts like this!


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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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