Hilarious Dad Offers Spot-On Parenting Observations Via Post-It Notes

Chris Illuminati
Ain’t that the truth

Some of the greatest comedians aren’t ones telling jokes with the funniest punchlines — although there are a lot of really good ones who do that.

Sometimes the best jokes are the ones that aren’t jokes at all, but observations. Comedians who find a way to articulate what’s in your head so that as soon as you hear it, you think to yourself, of course. They give a voice to what you feel and what you know — yet when they say it, it’s more funny than sad. And you never would have thought to say it out loud, even though you know it.

If Jerry Seinfeld had been a dad when his show was still on the air, he would have looked like Chris Illuminati (figuratively, although having never seen him, maybe he does literally, too).

Illuminati is a content editor who works from home with his kids, and it’s there where he started writing everything down on Post-it notes so he wouldn’t forget — you know, things like “feed the baby,” according to The Huffington Post.

The notes then took a sharp turn toward the shrewd. He posted them around his house as well as a Tumblr he created, Message with a Bottle.

When you read some of the notes below, you won’t be surprised to know given their content that Illuminati is a dad through and through. He’s also a stand-up comedian, but once you take a look at the notes that won’t surprise you either.

Take a look:

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All photos used with permission from Chris Illuminati


Article Posted 3 years Ago

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