Hilarious Old Halloween Photos of Babble Staff & Our Blogger Friends!

Me as a Witch/Vampire

I have a tendency to be a wee bit indecisive. Should I have the chicken or the beef? Should I write a post for FameCrawler or Strollerderby? Should I clean my kid’s room or not? These are the kinds of questions that plague me. And apparently, my indecisive nature is something I’ve been cursed with for quite a while. Case in point, the photo to the left. That is me at around the age of six. It appears that I could not decide if I wanted to be a witch, a vampire or merely a toothy green cat lover for Halloween.

Others, when they were children, had far more decisive minds and their Halloween costumes were clearly something precise. In honor of Halloween, we’ve compiled a slideshow of vintage Halloween photos from our Babble staff and our blogger friends from when they were kids. A Care Bear, a George Washingtion and a Hopi Kachina – yes it is an eclectic and entertaining mix.

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  • Valerie of Babble 1 of 12
    Valerie of Babble
    "This is a lovely photo of me and my sister as Pocahantas. I'm the sullen one on the left. Clearly I was upset about having to wear the same costume as my sister or perhaps having to carry the flashlight while she got the candy!"
  • Charlie of How to Be a Dad 2 of 12
    Charlie of How to Be a Dad
    This is an adorable photo of Charlie of How to Be a Dad fame celebrating halloween in elementary school. If you think you can guess what he is, you'd probably be wrong. He's dressed up as a Hopi Kachina.

    Check out Charlie's site right here.

  • Amy of Mom Spark 3 of 12
    Amy of Mom Spark
    Amy Bellgardt of Mom Spark said of her Halloween costume, "I almost had the witch costume down. Almost. Regardless, it was fun to say I had put it together myself."

    Check out Amy's site Mom Spark right here.

  • Lindsay of Babble 4 of 12
    Lindsay of Babble
    Lindsay Hood, of our editorial team, shared this adorable pic saying, "My grandmother made it. it literally looks like i have been swallowed by a Carebear. By the end of the night, my neck could not support the weight so I just walked around with my head tilted to one side."
  • Dara of Babble 5 of 12
    Dara of Babble
    "I was only 3 at the time, but I remember my mom bringing this costume home for me and being super excited about it. This is my enthused reaction."
  • Dana of Babble 6 of 12
    Dana of Babble
    "Here's a picture of me in a clown costume my grandmother made for me after convincing my parents she was great at making clothes. It's hard to tell in the picture but she forgot to turn the fabric inside-out so that's wrong side of the fabric showing. She also didn't sew legs — just holes for my feet. So I had to a penguin."
  • Andrea of Babble 7 of 12
    Andrea of Babble
    Wondering what Andrea is dressed or undressed as? She said of this photo: "I was obsessed with Donny Osmond from a young age. This is me dressed as Joseph from Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. The jail scene. To answer your questions: No, my mother did not let me out of the house like that and yes, I know the words to the entire musical."
  • Jillian of Babble 8 of 12
    Jillian of Babble
    "I think I was around five or six years old in this picture. I'm the penguin in a Hawaiian shirt, inspired by my favorite book at the time, Tacky the Penguin. My mom had made the penguin costume for my sister a few years earlier and I ended up wearing it three Halloweens in a row. At least I got points for ingenuity, right?"
  • Jeana of Surf and Sunshine 9 of 12
    Jeana of Surf and Sunshine
    "The photo is of me and my best friend Celia in the second grade (1982). This is actually only one of the TWO costumes I ever dressed up as a kid. Don't get me wrong, I always dressed up every year - but I was always the same thing. Either a Korean girl or a Marine. :)"

    Check out Jeana's site right here.

  • David of The Daddy Complex 10 of 12
    David of The Daddy Complex
    David Vienna sent in this awesome pic. "Here's a picture of me and my sister (Lisa Vienna) in 1979 dressed as George and Martha Washington"

    Check out David's site The Daddy Complex right here.

  • Tricia Fandrey of Night Owl Mama 11 of 12
    Tricia Fandrey of Night Owl Mama
    Tricia Fandrey of Nightowl Mama sent this one in. "This a photo of me and my brother from 1976 or 1977  I think not a very good copy its one of those instant camera photos. Remember those?"

    check out Tricia's site Night Owl Mama right here.

  • Keri Lyn of 12 of 12
    Keri Lyn of
    Keri Lyn of said of her photos: "(bottom) Neighborhood hobos - you know, like the easiest costume ever, just go rummage through dad's closet and grab the coffee grinds." "The littlest one was when I was 2, I think that was my parents version of Casper the Ghost, cheapest costume ever, white snowsuit and a white party mask, lol" "My favorite is the halloween cat and the princess... gosh I miss those simple times! Vinyl costumes rocked!!"

    Check out Keri Lyn's site right here.


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