Hilarious Pics of Adults Posed Like Anne Geddes Babies (Slideshow)

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Anyone who grew up in the 80’s or 90’s is super familiar with the Anne Geddes brand of photography: take a bunch of babies, put ’em in a bowl, make a calendar. Boom. You’re a millionaire. (I kid cuz I love. Who doesn’t want to spend the whole day looking at pics of babies wearing flower hats?) But something as specific as Geddes work is ripe for parody, and the artistes over at Vice (and elsewhere) have subverted the genre by posing adults in the same silly fashion, to hilarious effect.

Take a look at these amazing Anne Geddesesque photos of big baby boys sleeping like angels and pretty big girls poking out of coffee cups and tell me you don’t feel better:

  • Big Hands, Big Baby 1 of 7
    Nice tattoos, baby!
    Photo credit: Lee Goldup for Vice
  • Tulip 2 of 7
    Baby needs a shave!
    Photo credit: Lee Goldup for Vice
  • Cup Kid 3 of 7
    What a cutie!
    Photo credit: Lee Goldup for Vice
  • Sleepy Baby 4 of 7
    Look at this snuggle bunny!
    Photo credit: Lee Goldup for Vice
  • Sweat Pea 5 of 7
    Subject Mike Bloch asleep in a floral blossom. Shhhh...
    Photo credit: Zech Johnson
  • Colbert Water Lilly 6 of 7
    Back in 2008, Stephen Colbert joked that he felt "victimized" at an Anne Geddes shoot. Awww.... poor baby.
    Photo credit: wikia.com
  • Snail 7 of 7
    Baby's got back.
    Photo credit: Lee Goldup for Vice

Article Posted 6 years Ago

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