Hilarious: Toddler Quote or R&B Lyric?

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Babies be crazy.

My friend Diana Saez is the mother of two-year-old twins. Recently she was “having one of those awesome mother-child moments” with her son, Will, she told me. “The kind of moments you think parenthood will be filled with before you actually have kids.” She says, “We were cuddling and giggling and beaming at each other and generally experiencing that intense moment of pure, raw maternal-child love when he busted out with ‘I WANNA LICK YOU CLEAN.'”

Naturally, Saez couldn’t help but laugh. She says, “It was such a jarringly direct statement of desire. The kind of phrase that you hear in an especially sexy, intense R&B or hip hop song. And I loved the idea of this chubby baby-child expressing himself and wooing me in much the same manner as an R. Kelly song.”

So she started a hilarious Tumblr that asks us to see the duality of each quote found there. Are we looking at a toddler’s expression or an R&B lyric? Here are some highlights:

  • I WANNA CLIMB YOU 1 of 7
    Ungh. Yeah, gurl.
  • Take my diaper off! 2 of 7
    Take my diaper off!
    I got a surprise inside...
  • Gimme some juice! 3 of 7
    Gimme some juice!
    I'm thirsty.
  • Please don’t leave… 4 of 7
    Please don't leave...
    I'll cry all day long...
  • Im feeling wet, wet, wet… 5 of 7
    Im feeling wet, wet, wet…
    Somebody get a towel...
  • I licked it. Its mine. 6 of 7
    I licked it. Its mine.
    No comment.
  • MMMmmmmm…tastes like Skittles! 7 of 7
    MMMmmmmm…tastes like Skittles!
    Boom-buh-doom-boom, boom-buh-doom-boom baby!

Be sure to visit Toddler or R&B Lyric for more gems and to submit your own child’s quotes!


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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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