Hilarious Tumblr "White People Mourning Romney" Nails Post-Election America

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So sad.

Yay! Barack Obama is still our President, giving him four more years to do awesome stuff like support gay rights and secure a healthcare system that treats all Americans like human beings. I suppose if you don’t like gay rights (or human beings), you’re probably pretty upset that your candidate didn’t win, and that’s where the hilarious Tumblr “White People Mourning Romney” comes in. It’s not that I don’t have sympathy for people mourning a loss — after all, if Obama hadn’t won, I would be devastated right now, still in some kind of “wake me up in four years” coma. So I get it. But since I think most people who support Romney are a little bit behind the times in terms of the way they think their fellow non-white citizens should be treated, I feel like it’s okay to laugh a little bit.

Besides, you know if Romney won, they’d be laughing, too. All the way to the bank. To foreclose on more poor people.

Anyway, enjoy a few “White People Mourning Romney,” below:

  • Where Did Mitt Go Wrong?! 1 of 10
    Where Did Mitt Go Wrong?!
    Where should I begin?
  • Victoria Jackson can’t stop crying! 2 of 10
    Victoria Jackson can't stop crying!
    If you haven't seen it, be sure to watch Julie Brown's hilarious spoof of Victoria Jackson supporting Romney, below.

  • Overwhelmed 3 of 10
    Poor girl. You're too young to be this sad! Leave it to the very old white people who remember slavery!
  • Like never before! 4 of 10
    Like never before!
    Maybe Obama will go on The Apprentice so Donald can fire him!
  • O’Reilly 5 of 10
    Oh, Romney.
  • Scares 6 of 10
    I am so scares for my future kizz!
  • Wicked pissed. 7 of 10
    Wicked pissed.
    She hates Obama.
  • 1461 8 of 10
    The year Republican ideology was formed.
  • Gobsmacked 9 of 10
    They don't want Michelle Obama telling them to exercise!!!
  • Too sad. 10 of 10
    Too sad.
    This one makes me laugh really hard. I would have felt the same way. Except I just wouldn't have tweeted.


Article Posted 4 years Ago

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