Hilarious Website 'My Baby Looks Like…?' Compares Your Kid's Face With A Lookalike Celebrity Mug

Stephanie looks like Seth Rogen

Ilana Wiles of the popular mom blog Mommy Shorts, a site known for caption contests, fan photo albums, and giveaways as well as writing about her take on motherhood has created the new hilarious site My Baby Looks Like…? comparing your baby’s photo with a celebrity lookalike.

People were always sending in photos for the other features on her site and she found that although some of the pictures weren’t a good fit for her caption contests, she could pair them with celebrities for a lookalike contest.

The idea was one she had in her head for a while- she’d done her own “separated at birth” photos with her own daughter, who she claims has looked like George Costanza, Al Bundy, and Justin Bieber.

Mazzy looks like Justin Bieber

“I spent a week going through photos and emailing their moms asking if I could pair them with such and such celebrity for a contest. There were some interesting email exchanges because I wanted the contest to be based on humor so the lookalikes were not that flattering. I emailed someone about Humpty Dumpty, someone else about The Stay Puft Marshmallow Man, another mother about John Candy and another about Linda Hunt. Every one of them said go for it.”

Charlie looks like Humpty Dumpty

And it’s taken off from there. People began uploading pictures on the Mommyshorts Facebook fanpage. Her aim was to build the site to launch at the finale of the contest that ended just a few days ago with some uncanny finalists: Baby Celebrity Lookalikes: Judgement Day. She encourages anyone to submit a photo, and you don’t even have to already know which celebrity your kid looks like. (Um, I might have already submitted a few myself.) Ilana explains, “Some of the best lookalikes are the ones I matched myself. Sometimes it’s just an expression or a haircut that makes it.”

Photos courtesy of My Baby Looks Like…?

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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