Hilariously Honest (and Free!) Mother’s Day e-Cards Support a Great Cause

Hilariously Honest Mother's Day e-Cards Support a Great Cause (via Babble)A line of hilariously honest Mother’s Day e-cards developed by Babble Voices writer Julie Miner in conjunction with Naughty Betty will benefit Shelter House, a safe haven for homeless families and victims of domestic violence.

The line of Mother’s Day cards was inspired by “Valentine’s Cards for the Real World,” a post that Julie wrote, on a whim, for Babble Voices. Within hours of being posted, they had been seen by thousands of people and offers to create merchandise and promote them were flowing in. Seeing how quickly a series of images could go viral, Julie decided to contact Naughty Betty, a leader in humor greeting cards for women, to develop a similar meme for Mother’s Day, this time to raise money for women’s charities.

Julie, who also blogs at Rants from Mommyland, teamed up with Naughty Betty’s Christine Montaquila and Courtney Weinberg, and the shopping website Sweet Relish. As sponsor, Sweet Relish will donate $10,000 to the shelter if the e-card page receives 100,000 clicks by Mother’s Day.

It’s so easy, and the e-cards are free to share. Click over to Sweet Relish to see the entire line, and to share the cards while supporting other moms!

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