Hipsters in Stone: Artist Humorously Dresses Classic Sculptures as Williamsburg Wannabes (PHOTOS)

The Musée du Louvre in Paris is known for many things, but being trendy in a Brooklyn/skinny jeans/ironic rooftop garden/craft cocktail kind of way is not among them.

However, that didn’t stop French photographer Léo Caillard, 28, from imagining the 220-year-old museum in a more modern fashion.

At the risk of being NSFW, Cailliard and art director Alexis Persani took some of the most iconic nude statues on display there and updated them with a little Williamsburg flair — think Ray Bans, cropped pants and flannel shirts.

The statues were photographed by Caillard as is, and then with the help of friends posed exactly the same way as models, Persani worked his magic to make the Greek Agora works of art appear as if they were actually ready to go out to an Arctic Monkeys show. While the statues themselves actually remained untouched, they take on a whole new meaning anyway while appearing to be dressed for a shift at the co-op.

Take a look at Hipsters in Stone and see if you don’t think of the classic sculptures — as well as hipsters — in a whole new light:


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All photos used with permission from Léo Caillard

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