Hipsters Raising Hipsters: 10 Best Places for Ironic Parenting

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Get the mustachioed baby hipster a parka, so s/he can live with the real hipsters.

One of the best hipster accessories is a baby. They’re sort of retro, they’ve got neat stuff, they listen to obscure music. For a while, babies will only fall asleep when the vacuum is running and then, suddenly, they’ll need complete silence in order to nod off. It takes real hipsters, like, time and thought and several costume changes to cultivate that level of irony.

If you’re going to ride this whole hipster thing out, you need to do it in the right place. After all, a hipster and hipster offspring need the right environment to develop their unique eccentricities as poseur elitists. For a long time, that perfect place was thought to be Brooklyn’s Williamsburg neighborhood. But put a little science behind hipster studies and you quickly learn, the most hipster place in the U.S. isn’t in New York City at all.

In fact, it’s in the Midwest. How’s that for blatant untrendiness?

Buzzfeed’s Chris Manning combed through the data and found that although Minnesota had 1/3rd of the population of New York, it had the most searches on Google for the term “hipster” in the nation.

As further evidence, he includes photos of an actual Williamsburg hipster wearing Minnesota’s native lumberjack look; the state’s No. 2 ranking for Live Theatre venues per capita, a long-lived devotion to food co-ops and farmer’s markets, and Minnesota-born and bred hipster music standards: Bob Dylan, Husker Du, Prince, Soul Asylum and Atmosphere.

Also, bike friendliness and the movie, Juno.

Underneath every hipster parent is a conflicted Tiger Mom. No need to worry or crack the whip: the state’s got good schools, nice people and is the nation’s breeding ground for Montessori education. Also, there are wide open spaces, the perfect place to teach hipster kid to ride a banana-seat bike with handle-bar streamers.

Time to pack up the TWA travel purse diaper bag and move to the Twin Cities? After all, you want the best for your hipster baby. Or maybe one of the other 10 hipster-ist states in the country.

  • 2. New York
  • 3. Oregon
  • 4. Massachusetts
  • 5. Illinois
  • 6. District of Columbia
  • 7. Rhode Island
  • 8. Washington
  • 9. California
  • 10. Pennsylvania

Photo: Kelly Sue via Flickr

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