Historic WTF: 22 Hilariously Bizarre Vintage Photos — No Matter the Context

Kid smoking cigarette
Is there possibly a correct context for this photo?

Many photos can seem odd if they’re taken out of context. But some photos are just utterly bizarre, no matter the context.

Mix some weird photos with the fact that they’re super old and the only correct reaction is: WTF.

Kids smoking cigarettes, kids brandishing weapons, kids being attacked by bears, kids popping out of adults’ butts — no matter which way you look at it, there is some serious WTF stuff out there.

Here’s just a sampling:


  • W.T.F. 1 of 22
    What, no scotch?
  • Who TF 2 of 22
    Who TF
    Got a light?
  • WTF-iest 3 of 22
    Smoke 'em if you got 'em.
  • Why TF 4 of 22
    Why TF
    A true WTF.
  • WTF-iest runner-up 5 of 22
    WTF-iest runner-up
    A true WTF, part II.
  • Where TF were his parents? 6 of 22
    Where TF were his parents?
    Back before there were cages.
  • Where TF where his parents? runner-up 7 of 22
    Where TF where his parents? runner-up
    Back when there were cages, but before there were babysitters.
  • Whoops TF 8 of 22
    Whoops TF
    Back before there were baby toys.
  • Where TF were the adults? 9 of 22
    Where TF were the adults?
    Back when there was no adult supervision.
  • W.T.F. And, sigh. 10 of 22
    W.T.F. And, sigh.
    A fine American.
  • Why TF? No, really, why? 11 of 22
    Why TF? No, really, why?
    Two of these things are not like the other.
    It's just a shame one of them can't speak.
  • Weight TF 12 of 22
    Weight TF
    Neither of these things is like the other.
  • Waddle TF 13 of 22
    Waddle TF
    One of these things is not like the other.
  • Wacky TF 14 of 22
    Wacky TF
    One of these things is not like the other.
    On second thought, none of them are really alike.
  • Worry TF 15 of 22
    Worry TF
    Say "cheese!"
    Or, "free me, please!"
  • Waaaaaah TF 16 of 22
    Waaaaaah TF
    Who has more reason to cry —the kid or the watermelon?
  • Whaaaa TF 17 of 22
    Whaaaa TF
    By all means, hand the baby to a mannequin. It won't screw her up for life. No, really.
  • Weird TF 18 of 22
    Weird TF
    Next up: The real baby.
  • Way Out TF 19 of 22
    Way Out TF
    Surely there was a plan on how to get him down. Wait — what do you mean we'll figure it out later?
  • Whoa TF 20 of 22
    Whoa TF
    Yeah, that seems safe.
  • Why TF, exactly? 21 of 22
    Why TF, exactly?
    The baby or the boot?
  • Whatever TF 22 of 22
    Whatever TF
    Go ahead, punk. Make my day.

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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