History in the Making, Made for Kids: New Childrens Book on the Ice Age Inspired by Recent Discoveries in Colorado

SnowPretty much by definition, most of what happened in history happened before. Particularly for kids learning in school.

Which is why what’s been happening in Snowmass, Colo., since the fall of 2010 is so cool. While digging at a site for a new building, construction workers found the remains of an Ice Age ecosystem in a reservoir. And more fossils are being uncovered daily. For kids in Colorado and across the country, it’s a chance to watch history unfold in their backyard as scientists discover more about what happened tens of thousands of years ago. Who knew there was anything new to learn?

A new kids’ book inspired by the Ice Age excavation in Snowmass, Snowmastodon! Snow Day Adventure, has just been released and tells the story of a young mastodon who embarks on a daring adventure to climb a mountain in Snowmass. If your kids are into snow, the Ice Age or discovery in general, this book will spark their imaginations into a new realm while history of interest to them is being made in their time. It’s an empowering and beautifully illustrated story with an index of Ice Age¬†facts perfect for sneaking in a little learning.

Take a peek at a few pages inside Snowmastodon! Snow Day Adventure:



  • Snowmastodon! Snow Day Adventure 1 of 5
    Snowmastodon! Snow Day Adventure
    A young mastodon wakes to a wintry day, "It's a SNOW DAY!" she shouts and leaps outside.
  • Mastodon and Sloth 2 of 5
    Mastodon and Sloth
    They challenge themselves to hike to the top of a tall mountain. The friends soon discover they have to overcome obstacles to reach the summit.
  • Salamander Joins the Crew 3 of 5
    Salamander Joins the Crew
    With help from friends Beaver, Salamander and Bison, the team reaches the peak and realizes there was even more to the journey than they had thought.
  • Shred it Up, Bro 4 of 5
    Shred it Up, Bro
    Skis and snowboards are crafted from branches.
  • Just Another Day in the Ice Age 5 of 5
    Just Another Day in the Ice Age
    And away we go.


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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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