Hoarder Barbie? An Art Project Turns the Dreamhouse into a Nightmare

Is there any doll busier than Barbie? She’s a doctor, a flight attendant, an astronaut, a ballerina! Not to mention all the stuff she owns — a camper, a convertible, an endless supply of clothing and accessories.

Where does she store all of this stuff? Her Barbie Dreamhouse, of course, and considering how many jobs she’s currently holding down who could blame her if it was a bit messy?

According to artist Carrie Becker’s recent art project, Barbie’s busy lifestyle may have led to a few habits that qualify her as a candidate for the next episode of Hoarders. Becker, who calls the project “Barbie Trashes Her Dreamhouse,” painstakingly assembled each room of the house as she envisioned it on a 1/6 miniature scale.

From the kitchen, to the bedroom, to the office, and even the bathroom, the attention to detail is as amazing as it is disgusting.

Here are a few photos of Becker’s creation. You can find the full set here.

  • The office 1 of 6
    The office
    Piles of newspapers and magazines, pizza boxes tossed aside, a book on goals, and computer monitor almost obscured in post-it notes -- if her desk is any testament, Barbie's career has gotten out of control.
  • The teenager’s bedroom 2 of 6
    The teenager's bedroom
    It looks like Skipper has picked up Barbie's bad habit.
  • The bathroom 3 of 6
    The bathroom
    Love the "bless this mess" sign hanging over the bathtub. This mess definitely needs a blessing or an exorcism.
  • The kitchen 4 of 6
    The kitchen
    Judging by this kitchen, Barbie eats most of her meals outside of the Dreamhouse.
  • The laundry room 5 of 6
    The laundry room
    With all those clothes Barbie can go a long time before the need to do laundry arises. Which is a good thing because first she would have to unearth her washer and dryer.
  • The living room 6 of 6
    The living room
    Do the Dwell magazines scattered throughout the living room mean Barbie has dreams of cleaning up her act?

Via Jezebel.

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