Holy Inappropriate! Teacher Allegedly Tells 7-Year-Old Girl She's 'Too Sexy for Gym Class'

Nun in habit
Pray tell: Why would a teacher ever call a 7-year-old "too sexy?"

I’m not saying what the little girl was wearing was like a nun’s habit. But it was pretty darn close.

So why, exactly, a substitute teacher at Charles Spragg Elementary School in south New Jersey told a 7-year-old she was “too sexy for gym class” earlier this week is beyond me. Not only is it beyond me, but holy inappropriate, Batman, for a teacher to call a 7-year-old “sexy,” too or not, in the first place.

Apparently the school agrees, because the sub has been suspended from working in the school.

The little girl told another teacher and her dad about the comment, which was uttered as the sub was separating the class into two lines, according to NBC Philadelphia.

In his defense, the sub said he didn’t say “sexy,” but instead said “cute.” Which also makes me wonder how a 7-year-old could be considered “too cute” for gym class. Is that like the “Too Pretty to do Homework” t-shirt, and does that make it any better?

The school will decide the sub’s fate in May. Until then, it’ll remain a case of he said/she said (although no matter which one he actually said, it seems inappropriate to me). In the meantime, I’m left wondering this: I’m sure there are some utterly savvy 7-year-olds out there, but how many would really make up something like this while also understanding the implications and consequences of such an accusation?

The outfit in question, by the way? Spandex pants, a long sleeve shirt and a pink top with a frilly plaid bottom. Hardly attire for a stripper, “Jersey Shore” castmate, or even a contestant on “Toddlers and Tiaras.”

The sub has no other offenses on his record, which means he could potentially teach at other schools outside of the district in question. However, the girl’s dad has filed a harassment complaint against the teacher with the local police department to prevent him from being able to do just that.

Click here to see the outfit that was deemed “too sexy for gym class.”

Do you think it’s appropriate for a teacher to call a 7-year-old “sexy” no matter what she’s wearing?

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