Nice Catch! Home Depot Employee Saves a Falling Baby (Video)

cart A dramatic surveillance video has gone viral. It shows Home Depot employee Chris Strickland catching a falling baby mid-air in Anchorage, Alaska, after the infant apparently tumbled from its baby seat in a shopping cart.

His brother, Dale Strickland, uploaded the video to YouTube and it’s making the Internet rounds.

While I find the video amazing, I still can’t help but wonder why the seat was resting so precariously atop the shopping cart or why the baby wasn’t strapped in.

Judgmental of me? Perhaps. I don’t know the full context of the situation. In fact, it appears mom or dad was standing right there as you can see Strickland immediately lean over to hand the baby to someone. Even so, it’s a chilling reminder of how something can happen in an instant, when you’re standing right there!

All I can say is holy crap, Chris Strickland! Your lightning fast reflexes probably saved that baby’s parents from some serious heartache.

Well done, sir!

It just goes to show you that you never know who you will encounter during your day, and who could end up having a huge impact on your life. The baby’s parents probably walked past Mr. Strickland, who is a greeter at the Home Depot, without giving him a second thought. Moments later he changed the course of their lives in a most heroic way.

Check it out:

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