Home Office Accessories – Work From Home Doesn't Have to Look Boring!

Hey y'all - in my house a coffee cup counts as an accessory.

As a work from home mom sometimes it’s easy to slip into a routine, crowd ourselves into a leftover space, or just flat forget to stay comfy. Here are some home office accessories that will keep you motivated, comfortable, or caffeinated in style.

Curious where to pick these up? See the resource links below. What is your favorite home office accessory?

  • Photo Canvas Wall Prints 1 of 5
    Photo Canvas Wall Prints
    Put your kiddos on the wall so you can remember why you're working so hard.
  • Mirror, Mirror on the Wall 2 of 5
    Mirror, Mirror on the Wall
    For double-checking your hair before a Google + Hangout
  • Reading Lamp For Your Desk 3 of 5
    Reading Lamp For Your Desk
    Because sometimes you need a little extra light on the subject
  • Adjustable Back Support Cushion 4 of 5
    Adjustable Back Support Cushion
    You want to be comfy y'all! You gotta take care of yourself.
  • Refuel. 5 of 5
    Because sometimes you just need a refill.


Photo Canvas Print Wall Art – The One Place You Can Keep the Kids Contained

Decorative Wall Mirror for Google Plus (What!? You’re not using Google Plus yet. It’s time.)

Reading Lamp – For Squinty-Eye Wrinkle Avoidance

Adjustable Back Support – To Avoid Computer HunchBack Posture

Monogram Coffee Cup – So Your Husband Can’t Steal Your Coffee!

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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