Spy on Your Kids When You're at Work

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Security Camera or Big Brother?

Home security companies are marketing to a very specific demographic: parents of so-called latchkey kids who are left home to fend for themselves while their parents work.

Using video and other technology, The Electronic Security Association (ESA) assures parents they can monitor their children even when they’re not at home.

“There are so many possibilities because of technology developed in the past few years,” Marshall Marinace, owner and president of Marshall Alarm Systems (and a VP on the ESA Board of Directors) said in a press release.

If parents sign up for these services, they’ll receive a text message or e-mail when their child arrives home or leaves the house. They can also link to a live video feed via the web so they can see what’s going on at home. It’s basically a video baby monitor but for big kids.

Unlike a “nanny cam,” these video cameras are placed openly inside and outside of the house so kids are aware that their every move is being watched. In the press release, the company boasts that this gives parents “the ability to monitor when their child comes and goes, but they can also track activities such as homework, watching TV or playing video games, and see visitors when they arrive and leave.”

No need to trust your kid or to bother asking them what they did after school. You can simply watch the tape! Is this for real?

Granted, my kids are too young to be left home alone, but I’m hopeful that by the time they’re old enough, I’ll trust them enough that I won’t need to spy on them.

Isn’t the idea of videotaping your kids a little invasive? Seems a little “Big Brother” to me. What do you think? Would you consider this sort of system?


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