Honda Designs a Car Just for Women . . . and Guess What Color It Is?

Honda Fit
Just what every woman wants: A mauve-colored car

Not long ago, the geniuses over at Bic decided that pens specifically designed for women were in order. Because, you know, apparently the regular old pens weren’t working out well enough for the weaker sex.

As it turns out, the folks over at Honda must have had the same internal conversation. You know — regular cars weren’t working out for women, so a car designed just for women was in order.

Hence, Honda Fit She’s: a car designed just for women. And guess what ladies? We’re in luck! The car is PINK!

If you don’t think it’s condescending enough to think cars are masculine and women necessarily require something drivable that’s also feminine, Honda describes the car as “adult cute.” You know, because it’s not just enough to get us from Point A to Point B. It also needs to be cute. Am I right, ladies?

According to Yahoo:

[The car has] pink stitching in the seats and steering wheel and floor mats, matched by pink metallic bezels around the shifter and displays. There’s also a few extra shades of pink in the special She’s badge, spelled with a heart for an apostrophe. If pink isn’t a customer’s style, Japanese buyers can also select a Fit She’s in shades of brown and white that a Honda executive told the Yomuri Shinbun newspaper match the color of eyeshadow.

Also standard? A “Plasmacluster,” which is an air-conditioning system that boasts the ability to “improve a driver’s skin quality.” Because it has long been the dream of most women to fight wrinkles while fighting traffic.

Gee, get me to a Honda dealership. Stat. (But first let me fold the laundry, change my tampon and take the curlers out of my hair.)

Source: Yahoo


Article Posted 4 years Ago

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