Honey Maid Lets ‘Love’ Rule with a Special Message to Their Haters [VIDEO]

Last month, Honey Maid released a commercial called “This is Wholesome,” which featured gay and interracial families in an effort to “celebrate” all kinds of love. (And also to celebrate graham crackers, presumably.)

Honey Maid is hardly the first company to step outside the glare of the all-white families traditionally shown in advertisements. Cheerios famously showed an interracial family as matter-of-fact in a commercial last year. JCPenney has featured same-sex couples in several ads. There is always the usual applause from the usual folks (present company included) when these things happen, and all the habitual haters come out of the closet to boo and hiss upon seeing people on TV who don’t look like their own reflection.

When “This is Wholesome” hit the airwaves, it was no surprise that there were plenty who disagreed with their message that love is love no matter your color or sexual orientation. They received lots of hate messages (ironic, no?). But they also received lots of good feedback, too — 10 times as much as the negative feedback, in fact.

So Honey Maid asked two artists to take all of the messages — nasty and otherwise — and turn them into something bigger than the paper on which it was all printed. What they created is kind of meta and abstract all at the same time. It’s also just plain lovely, with a special emphasis on the love.

As a parent, I’m working furiously these days with my 5-year-old daughter to help her find the light when she thinks she’s in the dark. To see her glass as half full. To find the good in the bad. It’s not always easy. But this commercial is a reminder that feelings aren’t facts. Everyone’s entitled to their opinion, but our interpretations are our own, too.

There’s no doubt that Honey Maid happily let love rule, which is the point. Oh, and the graham crackers, too.

Article Posted 3 years Ago

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