Hooda Math Games: Whats Great About HoodaMath?

hoodamath, hooda math games
Great website for K-12 math games.

I’m not all about pandering to kids to get them to learn. But I also know learning — especially practicing stuff like math facts — doesn’t have to be a drag.

Things like flash cards and timetable sheets can push a kid to fits, especially when they can read the incredulity in your face that, what? Still? Still not the right answer? Turning them loose on a computer game? Now, that’s fun. I’ll even save you the Google.

Go to Hooda Math. They have a bunch of games to get kids to practice addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. There are also geometry games, and tutorials and printable worksheets. And OMG this logic game. Fun. They’ve also got movies demonstrating math functions and theories and stuff, which are kind of addictive if you like that kind of thing (or this kind of thing).

The games are fun, easy to start playing and … free! There are ads on the site but nothing too distracting or obnoxious. It’s mostly for schools to learn how to design games.

My daughters go to a school that pushes math games as a part of their curriculum. We play them at home but sometimes they’re mind-numbingly boring, rolling that damn dice and still not getting a 12! But firing up the laptop and letting them play math games online. Now there’s the correct answer!


Article Posted 6 years Ago

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