Hooters Being Investigated for Serving Inappropriate Dessert to 12-Year-Old Boy

This is one way to wish a tween a happy birthday

While I’ve never stepped inside a Hooters restaurant, I have no doubt their wings and burgers are delicious. And yet, there are plenty of other restaurants that also serve up great hot sauce and grilled sandwiches, which is among the reasons I’ve never been to Hooters, and one of many, many reasons I would never take a child to Hooters.

A Hooters in England is being investigated for serving a 12-year-old boy a “boob-shaped-cake” at his birthday party.

Which makes me wonder — why is Hooters being investigated, exactly? Why isn’t the person who thought it was appropriate to bring children to an adult-themed restaurant being investigated instead?

The branch in Bristol, England, is alleged to have presented the kid and his friends a cake representing naked breasts adorned with the words “Happy 12th Birthday” in icing. They were also said to have received “sexualized Hooters merchandise.”

Following BoobCakeGate, an online petition appeared accusing that specific Hooters of breaching its licensing agreement — entertainment inappropriate for children is banned — and calling for its closure.

But seriously, why should others be denied Hooters because of the moron who thought it was OK to bring a bunch of kids to a restaurant known for its wings, but even better known for its breasts, for a birthday party?

Who should be punished here — Hooters or the chaperones?

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