Hospital Bans Fat Pregnant Women

pregnant-belly2Pregnancy is the one time overweight women can get a break from society. Unless they’re planning at one English hospital.

The Weston General Hospital has announced it will turn away obese women who want to give birth there – for fear that their weight is going to kill them.

Hold on there, isn’t that the point of giving birth in a hospital with medical practitioners at hand?

A spokesman for hospital told the Daily Mail: “Our foremost concern is for the safety of mothers who deliver here and their babies. ‘Mothers with a high BMI are at increased risk in labour of bleeding, needing an instrumental delivery or complications, such as the baby’s shoulder becoming trapped behind the pubic bone.”

Again, the reason these women would opt for a hospital birth instead of going it alone. To be fair, the hospital announces any woman who goes into distress will be moved to St. Michael’s, the hospital where the obese women are currently being directed from the get go.

But the hospital also promises “You will be given the freedom, choice and confidence in your ability to give birth naturally in a relaxed and safe environment.” Where’s the freedom of choice for women with a bit of girth? A high BMI doesn’t mean she doesn’t want a midwife and a “relaxed and safe” environment.

Should the women get a choice?

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