Dying Preemie Revives After Hospital Birth, Only to Be Ignored

An Australian couple was reportedly flown to New York this weekend to share the incredible story of their newborn son’s survival with execs at NBC.  Their tale is certainly worth a Move of the Week.  Mother Kate Ogg “amazed the world after she revived her ‘dead’ little boy by cradling him in her arms, skin-to-skin, tearfully stroking him in what she believed would be a final farewell.”  Her twins, Jamie and Emily, were born prematurely at 27 weeks.  At birth, Jamie weighed just 2 pounds, and was pronounced deceased after a 20 minute attempt at resuscitation.  Now here are the miraculous – and disastrous – parts:

According to The Daily Mail, “It was after Kate gave her son some of her breast milk on her finger that he began breathing regularly.”  Amazing.  The disastrous part?  Despite numerous requests by his parents and their midwife, doctors refused to attend to the child for two hours after he revived, leaving his mother worried he may have brain damage or other medical problems as a result of being ignored at such a vital time.

The attending doctor didn’t come back to check on Jamie until the couple created a ruse, suggesting they were ready to hear precisely what happened to cause the baby’s death.  When the doctor returned, he agreed the baby’s revival was a “miracle,” after having told the couple their son was moving because he “was just going through death throes.”

In addition to the money the couple will likely make off selling the rights to their story, they stand to gain compensation from a medical lawsuit, based on the turn of events recently recorded in the case of another miracle baby in Mexico, who ultimately did not survive.  There is no word as to whether or not the couple intends to sue.

Research published in The Lancet suggests that “Kangaroo Care,” or skin-to-skin contact, raises the core temperature of premature babies more effectively than incubators can.  The technique also reduces the risk of overheating, proving that in at least one instance, mother nature can still prevail over technology.

Photo: Preemie Babies 101

Article Posted 6 years Ago

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