Hospital in China Opens Rooms to Inspire Passion for Pregnancy

A Un-Sexy Hospital RoomWhen one usually thinks of a hospital room, the image of a sterile, plain and very un-sexy aesthetic is generally what comes to mind. But one hospital in the China’s Hubei province has created rooms that are built for romance with gauze-draped accents, soft red lights and playthings all compiled in an effort to encourage couples to have sex in hopes of becoming pregnant.

These so-called “sex wards,” are meant to “encourage pregnancy by inspiring sexual passion in the patients.” As the Huffington Post notes, the rooms are “furnished with a cushy sofa, round bed and erotic art.” They “offer porn, sex toys and even instructional tapes and books.” They even have costumes for roll playing so “patients” can dress up.

Apparently, the people in this region are having issues getting down to business and making babies. “Nowadays due to the deterioration of China’s ecological environment, people feel great pressure for survival,” hospital President Wang Shengdong told HugChina. “Some Chinese do not understand getting pregnant is also a technical job.” The hospital is assisting with that.

Do you think that a special environment will help in cases of conception?

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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