Hospital Staff Too Busy So Dad Delivers Baby

newbornA father delivering his own baby is nothing new, but Madeline Howard wasn’t born in a car or at home. She was born in the maternity ward at a local hospital, but hospital staff never answered her dad’s calls for help.

The Sun reports Thomas Howard was banging on the emergency buzzer in his girlfriend’s room, but the midwife was too busy too answer. By the time she came to the room, Howard had already caught Madeline.

Granted, this is a story in the Sun. But the point of rushing to the hospital when you’re in labor is to take advantage of all that medical expertise. And before the home birthing crowd gets too indignant (there’s nothing wrong with birthing at home if that’s what you WANT to do), these parents were especially worried about the birth because their previous two children had complications at birth. One wasn’t breathing when he came out, the latter had a cleft lip and needed assistance at delivery. When you’ve had complicated deliveries, responsible healthcare professionals advise against home birth.

And while it’s possible that a midwife could be tied up with a particularly difficult delivery when another woman starts birthing, a nurse with at least some medical training can make all the difference when a baby is in trouble.

The good news in all this is Madeline was OK. And the couple has gotten extensive apologies from British officials.

But if you go to the hospital to give birth, don’t you expect to have your OB/midwife/whoever right there when the time comes?

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