Hot Sauce Mom Convicted of Child Abuse

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Jessica Beagley was convicted Wednesday of misdemeanor child abuse.

Jessica Beagley, known colloquially as the “hot sauce mom” for disciplining her adopted 7-year-old son by pouring hot sauce down his throat and berating him as he stood under a cold shower, has been convicted by a jury in Anchorage, Alaska of one misdemeanor count of child abuse.  She faces “a potential $10,000 fine and up to one year in prison,” according to People.  Her sentencing will take place Monday.

Further details of exactly what was going on in the home when Beagley was filmed punishing her son in such a harsh manner have emerged during Beagley’s trial, and it looks like she might not be the only guilty party.  Apparently producers from the Dr. Phil show contacted Beagley a year after she initially contacted them seeking help for her anger issues and asked if she “was still angry.”  People writes:

Her response, reports the Anchorage Daily News, was to send a tape of her yelling at her kids, but the show reportedly said it needed to see her punishing her children. That’s when she grabbed the bottle of hot sauce and the video camera.

Producers of the show have not commented.

This news comes as no surprise at all to me.  Having a bit of experience in reality TV myself, I know the lengths producers will go to get scandalous footage.  And of course we’ve all seen what the average Joe without discernible artistic talent but with a deep desire to be a star will do to get on television, from the balloon boy incident to the Botox Mom debacle, people get crazy while chasing their 15 minutes of fame.

It looks as though Beagley will maintain custody of all of her children, and it seems the best outcome here would be mandatory parenting classes rather than incarceration.  We’ll see what happens on Monday!  In the meantime, I would so love to hear from Dr. Phil on this.  I think he owes the public some explanation.  You?

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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