Housekeeper? Chef? Sherpa? Who Would You Hire?

Do You Need Your Own Alice?

I often daydream of this scenario. I am here, sitting at my lap top writing words just like these. But my surroundings are different. There isn’t dried PlayDoh on the ground, there aren’t dishes from three evenings of meals in the sink, and the house doesn’t smell like a mixture of dog, microwave popcorn and an overstuffed compost bin.  Yes, I think that is a simple dream. But one that has yet to be realized. The reason. Not only do I not have time to clean, but honestly, I’m just not very good at it.

I’m a surface cleaner, impatient to get the task done. I wipe there. I spray here. I throw things under the bed and in the deep recesses of our closets. Spic and span are two words that have never been applied to our home.  Enter my fantasy – to hire a housecleaner.

This, sadly, is a luxury I just can’t afford. But one that is so enticing although I think I would have guilt about having a stranger clean up my messes, being a do-it-yourself and independent sort. But if I could get over that? I would be stoked.

Then I started to wonder, if I could afford some household help, what would I do? Would I go for a professional house cleaner or something else.  I also started to wonder what would you do?

Here are the choices:

1. Housekeeper
Someone to come in and clean, wipe, dust and make it appear that your home wasn’t tainted by children and busy people.

2. Cook
Some, they like to cook. Others they hate it. It’s a chore, a drag and one that may fill their bellies but does not fill them with much joy. Having a cook come in and prepare, or drop off, a series of meals for the week would be like eating out but in the comfort of your own home.

3. Driver
One of the biggest complaints I hear from parents especially school age ones that they feel sometimes like they are just a glorified chauffeur, a indentured servant, or sherpa. For them, having someone reliable to schlep the kids from school, soccer, band practice and beyond would be a blessing.

4. Babysitter
Everyone needs a night off. Be it for a date night with the hubby or just to go see a film that isn’t animated or has anything to do with Chipmunks, princesses or puppets. Hiring someone to come in once or twice a week to let mom and dad play, would probably help the marriage if not the entire family.

5. Personal Assistant
I have uttered more than once the phrase, “man, I wish I had a personal assistant.” Someone to make phone calls, organize schedules, book appointments, plan birthday parties, deal with the dry cleaning, do the shopping, basically all that day to day stuff that just never seems to stop.

6. Take the money and run! (aka go on vacation)
Then there are those of you who like to spend all your evenings with the kids, who don’t mind the driving to and fro, who have a knack for cooking and would pass any white glove test. Perhaps you do not feel the need for the before numbered 1 -5, and we salute you. Or maybe you would rather take that money and not spend it on day to day living but splash out on a stellar family vacation (think Maui, the Bahamas or a educational trip through Europe).

Which one would you pick? And no, you can not pick all of the above. That would be cheating.

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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