Video Manages to Elicit Tears and Teach About Caring in Just 3 Minutes

TrueMove H
You never know when paying it forward will come back to you

Move over, The Notebook. Sorry, kindergarten class. There’s a new tear-jerking, kindness-teaching leader in town.

It’s a commercial from a Thai mobile phone company — True Move H — that’s just three minutes long but packs more emotion than a ship full of would-be Titanic victims.

You can try and explain to kids until their eyes glaze over about the importance of giving, but perhaps until they need something themselves — really need something — it might be hard for them to realize how much of an impact their own generosity can have.

This commercial, where there’s nary a cell phone in sight, pretty succinctly explains how you never know when your kindness and compassion can come back to your benefit. Which isn’t why we want them to give, of course, but it helps to know that there can still be a reward.

Giving is the best communication, you learn at the end of the commercial. And when you watch this spot, it’s hard to disagree that giving isn’t just the best anything, period.

Take a look:

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Photo/video credit: YouTube

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