How Do You Respond To PR Pitches?

We’ve talked extensively here at MomCrunch about pitching. We’ve talked about what makes you open a pitch, fixing bad pitches, turning a bad pitch into something awesome, and we’ve even suggested you not pitch mom bloggers at all.

What we haven’t discussed much is how, exactly, you should respond to those pitches. Since not every PR pitch a blogger gets is so bad you need to send the agency a picture of Wil Wheaton collating paper, what is the best way to respond?

I’ve decided to reach out to some great bloggers and ask them how the respond to pitches. Here’s what they had to say!

  • Joey Fortman of Real Mom Media 1 of 9
    Joey Fortman of Real Mom Media
    When Joey gets a pitch that doesn't work (usually pitches that aren't for moms), she says: "I always send them my press release link and say 'Hi _____! Thanks for your interest in Real Mom Radio. Unfortunately, your client does not fit the premise of our show. RMR highlights moms in and around Philadelphia. If you have a client that fits and you want to reach our over 1 million listeners-please send them along. Otherwise, take us off your mailing list."
  • Emily Vanek of Colorado Moms 2 of 9
    Emily Vanek of Colorado Moms
    Emily sees opportunity rather than a bad pitch. She sends an email that says, "While this isn't a good fit for me at the time, I'd love to chat with you about other opportunities you may have in the future."
  • Lauren of Midget Momma 3 of 9
    Lauren of Midget Momma
    Lauren has a group of responses, but her initial one goes right for the money. She says to prospective pitchers, "While I would be happy to work with you on promoting your company and I do feel it is in interest of my readers it falls under our sponsored post guidelines. While there are some bloggers that do promote companies without a fee I am unable to do so. If an opportunity arises in which you are looking to compensate me for my time please feel free to contact me."
  • Lisa of Mommyality 4 of 9
    Lisa of Mommyality
    Lisa admits she doesn't get as many pitches as some, but she still has a plan to handle them when it comes to her site. She says: "Sometimes, I go an entire week without one. However, even if I did? I would respond as I feel it's good business. Even to the spammy ones "I'm sorry, this isn't a good fit/my editorial calendar is full/etc so they know I'm out there, someone is seeing their pitch. Because you never know when they are going to send out a good pitch, or remember me for an event, etc."
  • Melissa of Rock and Drool 5 of 9
    Melissa of Rock and Drool
    Mellissa says, "I don't have a form letter. i just respond by letting the pr person know that their product is not right for me but thank you so much for thinking of me and my blog."
  • Rajean of Rajean Blomquist 6 of 9
    Rajean of Rajean Blomquist
    Rajean uses her PR experience to formulate her response. She says, "I might have a different approach because my field is PR. If I get a pitch that is not right for me, I reply back, telling why I'm passing on the pitch and formulate a wish list of what I'd like to propose with such brand/company. I also ask if I can forward the pitch to someone whom I feel the pitch might be a better fit. I try hard to never burn my bridges. I feel a simple delete would not propel me forward for a 'next time.' I have been complimented for taking these extra few steps and I have found work because of the effort."
  • Shana of Shanamama 7 of 9
    Shana of Shanamama
    Shana of Shanamana says she has a different response each time. "I don't have a form letter. If something doesn't fit for me I just simply state that. And I have one in my inbox I need to reply to. Thanks for reminding me!"
  • Tara of Feels Like Home Blog 8 of 9
    Tara of Feels Like Home Blog
    Tara doesn't respond much at all. She says, "Does the delete button count?"
  • Vera of Lady and the Blog 9 of 9
    Vera of Lady and the Blog
    Vera, known for her many sites including Lady and the Blog says, "Thank you so much for the information. I would love to feature product X on Lady and the Blog. Attached is my sponsorship deck. Please let me know if you'd like to hop on a call to discuss."

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