How I Got My Whole Family on Google Plus

I had a Skype date scheduled with my family last Friday night. An hour before the appointed time, my sister and I remembered that we had previously failed at initiating a three-way video conference on Skype. There was downloading/upgrading involved and we just couldn’t get it together. So on a Facebook chat, I suggested trying Google Plus Hangout instead.

Now understand that my sister, CC lives in Vancouver. My mom, grandma and other two sisters are in Asia. So video conferencing is the only way we get to all “be together.” I was the only one with a Google Plus account and the only one really active online. But within minutes, everyone — including my aunt — signed up on Google Plus and into a hangout.

How do you start a hangout? It’s so easy, it doesn”t even feel worthy of a whole post. Step 1: Go to your Google Plus Stream. Step 2: Click on the green “Start a hangout” on the bottom right corner of your browser.

How do you join a hangout? Assuming you were invited… Step 1: Click on the “Join this hangout” that shows up on your stream.

So how was it? The interface was fabulous. We could pick which screen was featured manually or allow it to toggle through each participant’s video feeds. The audio was surprisingly great. When we’ve done multiple parties on Skype or Tiny Chat, audio feedback has been a big distraction. That was not the case on Friday, even with our chaotic group. I know my small people were on maximum volume as always and it was not a problem! 🙂

In a few short hours, we had recruited more cousins to join. And in a couple of weeks, we’ll all be converging for my grandmother’s 89th Birthday… hangout on Google Plus.

This, my friends, is why I am officially hooked on G+!!!

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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