How Long Is Too Long? Meet the Real-Life Rapunzel

Courtesy: Inside Edition
Courtesy: Inside Edition

Forget mom hair.

43-year-old Terelynn Russel is eschewing the sensible bob by growing her hair to over six feet long. Russel has never had short hair. In fact, what she calls short most of us would call long.

“My earliest memory of the shortest hair would be when I was four years old starting kindergarten and it was down to my waist,” she tells Inside Edition. “To me, short hair would be just above my waist.”

Her daughters are also growing  out their locks. Which makes for a lot hair drama around the Russel household. And a lot of conditioner. In fact, it’s such a hairy situation Russel has had to instigate hair rules in their house.

All women in the family must tie their hair back while in the kitchen. Hair must be kept immaculate by using lots of shampoo and conditioner. It takes an hour for Terelynn’s hair to dry. “I burn up a lot of blow dryers,” she says.

Every now and again the Russel girls go in for a hair cut and donate to the Locks of Love foundation. Which is nice but all I can think about is how much of a pain dealing with all that hair would be.

You can see judges measuring Terelynn’s hair at the Illinois state fair in the video clip below.

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