How Low Would You Go? Theme Park Offers Thigh-High Discount

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Shorter skirts must make for larger entertainment on some rides

I’m all about discounts. When I shop online (which is more often than in real life), I’m all about finding a bargain. Free shipping, 10 percent off, two-for-one. You name it, I’ll search for it. I don’t like leaving money on the table.

Same thing goes for travel. If I’m going to the zoo or to a different city, I hunt online for discounted admission tickets, special hotel offers and just about anything that will help me stretch my dollar — as I value each and every one.

But even I draw the line somewhere, and apparently it’s on my thigh. A theme park in Guilin, China, is offering discounted admission to women wearing skirts shorter than 38 centimeters, according to The Frisky (via the Telegraph UK).

Merryland Resort, which is apparently comparable in size and stature to Disneyland, has been running a “Love Miniskirts” campaign for several years now and has been successful in increasing visitors by lowering the hemline requirement for a discount, even if local residents have criticized the promotion.

“The stipulation aims to encourage female visitors to showcase their beauty in the summer,” the deputy manager of the park told the Shanghai Daily newspaper.

Women’s skirts are measured with a ruler before they’re allowed entrance.

Not even if Merryland Resort started measuring men’s penises at the entrance would I sink so low for this discount, and not just because I would never let my daughters see me compromise my body for money, although that’s reason enough.

On the other hand, if Merryland Resort started a “Love Penises” promotion, I still wouldn’t give them my full-price (or discounted) fare, but I might still hang out at the entrance anyway to watch the men squirm when the ruler comes out on their behalf.

Where do you draw the line in trying to secure a discount?

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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