How Masculine or Feminine are You (According to this Quiz from 1948)?

Rosie the Riveter
A few too many male hormones, perhaps?

Quick! Which do you prefer — Crabbing or dancing? Plaid or flowered prints? Decorating things or repairing them? If you’re not 100 percent sure on which side of the gender aisle you fall, you might have been happier living in an earlier time  — specifically, in 1948 — because at that time there was a “psychoquiz” available to help determine the extent of your masculinity or femininity.

According to the scholars, er, geniuses, er, editors? who devised the quiz for Look magazine, “it’s not a reflection on your masculinity if you are a man and sometimes prefer feminine things. Or if you are a woman and prefer masculine things.” Can I get a collective “Phew!” here?

Still, take this quiz from 1948 and see how you fare in such scientific categories as “Puttering” and “Fabrics” (although if you have any kind of fabric preference, are you really worried about having too much testosterone?):


How masculine or feminine are you?
What's your score?


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Quiz image & source: BuzzFeed

Article Posted 4 years Ago

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