How Much Would You Pay for a Scoop of Ice Cream? $4? $5? $6?

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How much would you pay for a scoop?

Everyone loves ice cream. I mean, I’m sorry if you’re lactose intolerant or dairy-free (though there’s faux cream out there for you guys, too!), because you’re really missing out. Ice cream is one of the most delicious things on the planet; it’s refreshing, creamy, cool, and it’s portable. You can walk around eating it! I love a food that allows me to get to where I’m going and indulge simultaneously. But ice cream is becoming increasingly expensive, and not just the fancy handmade organic kind, either. With a vanilla pod shortage and a surge in vanilla prices upon us, the cost of a cone is expected to rise by ten percent this summer. And they’re already expensive! Let’s take a look at some prices being charged around New York City for one scoop:

  • Scoop Cart in Front of School 1 of 8
    One scoop of totally non-artisinal, plain old ice cream from the lady who parks her cart in front of my daughter's school costs $1. Best deal in town.
    Photo via iStock
  • Mister Softee 2 of 8
    Though technically not a scoop, a small Mister Softee cone was still only $2 last summer. Kids love Mister Softee, parents hate the jingle.
    Photo via Mister Softee
  • Haagen-Dazs 3 of 8
    One of many ice cream joints founded in Brooklyn, in 1976. The Haagen-Dazs shop on 7th Ave. in Park Slope offers an afterschool special - one scoop costs $2.50 from 3-5 pm. Presumably there's tax, since Haagen-Dazs, like Ben and Jerry's, is now a major chain.
    Photo via Haagen-Dazs
  • Uncle Louie G 4 of 8
    Uncle Louie G's was founded in Brooklyn by a native Brooklynite, and there are plenty of locations around town. Their ice cream is handmade, tastes great, and isn't bad at $3 for a scoop. Italian Ice costs slightly less.
    Photo via Uncle Louie G
  • Ben & Jerry’s Scoop Shop 5 of 8
    It'll cost you $3.50 plus tax for one scoop at the Rockefeller Center Ben & Jerry's scoop shop.
    Photo via Ben and Jerry's
  • Ample Hills Creamery 6 of 8
    This Brooklyn shop serves truly amazing, rich ice cream with all kinds of decadent flavors, made by hand. A scoop costs $3.90.
    Photo via Ample Hills Creamery on Fcebook
  • Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory 7 of 8
    One scoop at the Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory costs $4 including tax, but you have to pay extra for a waffle cone. It's handmade in Brooklyn with no preservatives, and the owners boast that, "While the quality of our ingredients and the labor involved in this delicate process make our ice cream more costly to make, we still sell it at a very competitive price." Something tells me, though, the cost of the ice cream reflects the price they pay for real estate that "features one of most sweeping views in America, the Brooklyn Bridge, Manhattan skyline & Statue of Liberty." The ice cream is good, but only if you have 45 minutes to wait in line, and the last time I took my daughter there just this Spring there were giant bees swarming everywhere.
    Photo via Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory
  • Grom Gelato 8 of 8
    A small at Grom Gelato in Manhattan will cost you $5.25, according to this 2010 story in the New York Times.
    Photo via Flickr

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