How This Mac Girl Became a Windows 8 Fan

windows-8-logoWhen I was invited by the Windows 8 team at Microsoft (yes, a sponsored trip) to come to Seattle to learn more about the company and their latest operating system, I will be the first to confess that I was more excited about getting to stay alone in a hotel room for three nights than I was about Windows 8.

I didn’t expect to learn to love Windows 8.

When I was handed an HP Envy preloaded with Windows 8 (yes, that I got to keep, as well as a Windows phone), I sat down to set it up with the same dread I sat down at my mom’s desktop PC to help her set it up for the first time a few months ago. But within a few minutes, my dread vanished; Windows 8 is highly intuitive and simple to use. Plus, the touch screen feature on laptops that works with Windows 8 (although the operating system does work on more traditional monitors and screens, of course) is an amazing feature and quite frankly shows me a very deep way that Apple is falling behind Microsoft.

Yes, Apple pioneered and popularized the touch screen, but while they offer a great phone and tablet, they do not offer a true laptop with a touch screen feature. Sure, you can slap a keyboard onto an iPad but it is NOT a true computer with Office products so you can create and manage, say, an Excel spreadsheet easily. Additionally, the HP Envy allows me to flow between typing and touch with a fluidity that increased my productivity instantly.

Even worse, when I had to use my Macbook to pull up web bookmarks, I found myself immediately after only ten minutes of using the Envy trying to touch the screen of my laptop. It’s that intuitive and clean.

All that said, it’s not perfect. I’ve had to do hard resets on my Envy more times in the last five days than I’ve done with my Macbook in probably a year. I can’t tell if that is a due to the tech or Windows 8 (more likely my inexperience in using a PC; the last time I used a PC every day was in 2007). But at a mere $699, and a full pound and a half less in weight than my Macbook Pro without sacrificing much in the way of size (in fact, the keyboard is nearly identical in size but the keys have a lovely sort of non-skid tactile feature) it is absolutely a worthy replacement.

PLUS the screen detaches and turns into a tablet. No, really, it does. So awesome.

So, yeah, I’m a convert. I’m not sure I’ll use my Windows 8 machine every day (although with my husband’s computer signaling imminent demise, probably), but it will definitely be my traveling computer, and my daughter has already fallen madly in love with the tablet feature.

Yes, it will be a while before the apps available for Windows 8 match the competitors, but that doesn’t change the fact that Microsoft is currently leading the way when it comes to touchscreen tech. I’m impressed.

I was brought to Seattle by Microsoft specifically to learn more about Windows 8, all expenses paid. And it was luxurious and lovely and I was thrilled to be invited, but trust me, I’m just as surprised as you are by how much I love Windows 8. All opinions definitely my own.

Article Posted 3 years Ago

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