How To Beat The Claw Machine


Beat the claw machine.

I fought the claw and the claw won.

I avoid the claw machine like the plague. Not that there is any kind of rampant plague I need to avoid, but, well, you know what I mean.

The claw machine is a bitch. Beckoning you seductively with her colorful goods, she crooks a steely finger in your child’s direction and, next thing you know, you’ve just wasted $5 in quarters trying to secure a plush animal that cost half that.

So yeah. Everyone knows the claw machine is bogus and the only money the machines make are from the pockets of hard-working parents hen-pecked by children into playing a couple rounds.

And, until now, the only way I knew how to guarantee a tiny stuffed animal was The Noah Method: just climb into the damn machine and grab an animal with your very own claw.

But according to Yahoo, even though it seems impossible, follow a few simple tips and you can beat the claw machine. “Follow these simple tips, and you can’t lose. (OK, you can lose, but you’ll lose a little less often.)”

So, next time your kid badgers you into a face-off (claw-off?) with the machine, follow a few of the tips below and you’ll increase your odds. And remember: be the claw, beee the clawww. You can dooo it. Close your eyes and be the claw. Wait! Don’t close your eyes. But still, beee the claaaw.

  • Machines with expensive prizes have claws designed to foil your attempts to win. If you just want to win something, pick a machine with cheap prizes.
  • Size up the pile of prizes. How are they stacked? Loose toys are ideal. Go for the one on top.
  • Take your time. Hit the button when you have about five seconds left on the grab clock.
  • A second pair of eyes on the size of the machine is helpful.
  • There are reports that claw machines are rigged (big surprise. not.) so that they’ll grab a toy with a weakened grip four out of five times or nine out of ten times. Basically the claw is set to have a strong grip based on a pre-set pattern. Watch other players and see if there is a patter to wins and losses so you know just when to take a turn and assure your claw has a strong grip.

Got any other tips? Share ’em in the comments section.

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