How to Compliment a Mom . . . Readers Respond!

Bring on the compliments!

Compliments are accepted differently in the heart of each receiver.

Yesterday we wrote about 5 ways to show kindness to a mom (because every mom needs to receive in addition to give!).

And now Babble readers have responded with ideas of their own. Here are some of they ways you like (or would like) to be complimented:

My 3-year-old said, “Mommy, you’re so Princess.” Loved it.
– Lisa

Your kids are very well-behaved!
– Rex

The best compliment would be to be noticed, too.

Your children are so respectful.
– Rita

Your selfless efforts have yielded a young man who is happy, confident, caring, compassionate, wholesome and of God.
– Kelly

No matter what others say, you are a good mom.
– Patricia

I love my son to death, but yeah, to be noticed as well and appreciated for all I do for him and everyone else.
– Jessica H.

You look WAY to young to be a mom. When actually I waited until my 30’s to have kids.
– Ninjette

You’re such a good mom! Because I am! And I will do anything for my child! Love that little girl to pieces!
– Jessica G.

I will always love you, Mom.
– Sherry

One mom told me, “Wow, you always look good, like you stepped out of an LL Bean or J. Crew catalog — you never wear sweats.” The truth is I feel like a slob. I don’t shower every day and those rolled up khakis I wear with my Uggs and a wool and down vest may have been slept in.
– Beth

All the compliments everyone has said are very nice. I love hearing those kinds all the time. But truthfully, on a hectic day . . . as a mother of 4 . . . I love to just hear, “Wow, your hair looks nice today,” or, “Wow, you don’t look like you 4 kids, or even just, “Wow your clothes match today.” Lol. My kids always look nice and match and are in clean, name brand clothes. As far as me, I probably look like hell most days. I spend more time on them than me. I always get compliments on my kids and how nice they look and how behaved they are. But sometimes it’s nice for me to get a compliment.
– Jesse

I’m proud of how good a job you’re doing. That’s what I think would be the best compliment, especially coming from my mom and dad.
– Ashley

As a mother of two and a stepmother to four making (and I’m 24), I like to hear what a great person and mother I have turned out to be. Life is chaotic and stressful on a daily basis and sometimes it’s nice to know you truly are appreciated by those around you.
– Alise

My daughter is only 3-months-old so the best one is seeing her smile. But my friends that don’t have babies yet — they always say, “Wow look at you holding a crying baby in one hand and using the other hand to fix a bottle. You must know what you’re doing.” But the truth is I’m a first time mom and I don’t. Lol.
– Nicki

Simply, “You are doing a wonderful job.” ESPECIALLY when I’m feeling defeated and exhausted.
– Lauren

“You are a good mom.” So simple but makes me feel awesome!
– Jayde

When people say, “You were born to be a mom.” That’s simply heavenly to hear. And it’s a testament to my own mother. I have people tell me almost on a weekly basis how awesome my mom is. I even have people say, “She’s my adopted mom.” The absolute best compliment I’ve ever received though was from my mom when she said, “I’m so proud of you and the mother that you are.”
– Laura

“Your baby is so well behaved while you shop!”
– Holly

Thank you for everything.
– Debra

Well, sometimes just a smile makes my day. Don’t have to hear a compliment to know I’m a good mom!
– Annette

Hopefully I turn out like you.
– Jessica


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Article Posted 6 years Ago

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