How to Make a Customized QR Code

Over the last several years, QR codes have surged in popularity.  QR code, which stands for quick response code – was originally developed for the Japanese auto industry. Now a days, you can find QR codes on just about anything (case in point, here is a scarf with a QR code) – though most popular would be a business card.

In addition to URL,  QR codes can also be used for information such as free text (when scanned text pops up), phone number, contact, SMS and location.

If you are looking to create a QR code to help promote your website or blog, check out these resources that will have you creating a QR code in no time.

How To Make a Customized QR Code

Customized QR Code:

Want to get fancy with your QR code design? While sure you can hire a designer to get super duper creative – for a simple affordable solution check out QR Artist.  QR Artist offers a quick and simple online solution to taking your logo and customizing a QR code that will match your branding.

A QR code at QR Artist starts at $9.99.  The service is free for non-profits and charities.



Free QR Code:

If you are looking for a free solution for creating a QR code, check out The QR Code Generator. While there are numerous sites out there that will generate a free QR code for you, The QR Code Generator is quick and easy, also giving you sizing options.

Tip: Make sure you download a large file size if you are using the QR code for print.

The QR Code Generator

Do You Use a QR Code On Your Business Cards or Marketing Materials?
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