How To Make A Quick Media Kit Using PicMonkey

This is my media kit. I made it today in about an hour.

If you’re heading to BlogHer, you might be wondering if you need a media kit. Frankly, it’s hard to say who needs one and who doesn’t  — sometimes business cards are enough (you have business cards, yes?), but some brands want more info.

That’s where a media kit steps in. It offers a snapshot of your platform, your stats, your influence  (yes, by the numbers, and no, we’re not made out of numbers but that’s the info brands are often looking for).

Some people prefer longer, more inclusive media kits; it might be more appropriate to call what I’m demonstrating here a “one sheet” rather than a full media kit. But I’ve created these for several bloggers and they’ve found them handy and beneficial.

So, are you ready to learn how to make yours? Here we go!

  •! 1 of 6!
    First, open PicMonkey. PicMonkey is your friend. Choose "create a collage."
  • Choose Format 2 of 6
    Choose Format
    I used "pinter-etsy" (third one). I liked its many boxes.
  • Resize and Start Upload 3 of 6
    Resize and Start Upload
    First, if you want your kit to be the size of a piece of paper, you'll need it to be 1275 x 1650. Once you've done that, you can lock the size and then you can begin uploading the photos you want to use as part of your media kit such as your blog masthead, your photo, etc. ONCE YOU'VE ADDED ALL THE IMAGES (leaving space for text) SAVE IMAGE.
  • Reopen Image, This time in “Edit Photo” 4 of 6
    Reopen Image, This time in "Edit Photo"
    Here you can begin to use the many awesome tools that PicMonkey offers to add text, etc. Did you forget a photo? No problem - just go into "overlays" and use "Your Own" to add another image. For me, I also created a couple of new images to add. I've included a blank image you can right-click and save as a base for any image you want to create in PicMonkey.
  • Suggestions 5 of 6
    Here are some elements you'll want to include in your media kit. I don't do a lot of work with brands, so I didn't include that, but you can easily take out the section where I added other writing gigs and make that a list of brands or brand logos that you have worked with previously.
  • Finished! 6 of 6
    Once it's done, you can save it. You can only save it as a PNG or JPG, sadly. If you have a "preview" program, you can easily resave it as a PDF, which can be easier to email. But the image is perfect for uploading to your site or emailing as it is!

    Good luck, and may you get lots of work!


Resize at will! It’s hard to see, but it’s there. Promise.


Article Posted 4 years Ago

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