How to Treat the Flu and Cabin Fever

CB101886 It seems to be a little early this year, but the Sickie Season is upon us. Aside from some persistent sniffles, my family is doing OK, but swine flu has hit not too far from me and schools are closing because tons of kids are out with it. Based on my Facebook feed, lots of other people are battling the plain old seasonal flu, and it seems to be an especially nasty strain this year.

One of the keys to everybody staying healthy is for people to stay home when they are sick — and that doesn’t mean “I’ll keep the kids home from school and activities but let’s just head out for a quick run to Target.” It means nothing, nada, no visitors, no fun, just staying home and keeping your germs to yourself. Which sucks, especially when you’re dealing with active little kids.

And every illness gets to that point where your kid is still sick enough to be contagious, but starting to feel better and get a little stir crazy. There is, after all, only so much Nick Jr. you can watch. Blogger Breezy Mama compiled a list of 10 things to do outside when your kid is at that in-between phase. All are short, fun activities that let you all get a little much needed fresh air while not being so strenuous or drawn-out that you could wear your kid out, setting off a relapse. Things like going for a walk around the block, making paper airplanes, or even going through a car wash provide on-the-mend children with a change of pace while not inflicting your germs on a bunch of new people. Check it out!

Article Posted 7 years Ago

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