How to Win an Election with Humor: Funniest Obama Gear

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Grace and humor go a long way.

While campaigning in Michigan on Friday, Mitt Romney made a “birther” joke about President Obama, one that was widely criticized as “racially charged” and thought to serve as a reminder to his audience that Romney is the white candidate. He told the crowd assembled in Commerce, “No one’s ever asked to see my birth certificate. They know that this is the place that we were born and raised.” New Jersey Governor and fellow Republican Chris Christie told TODAY’s Matt Lauer this morning, “I think if he had to do it over again, he wouldn’t make the joke, but you know what? When you’re on camera 12, 14 hours a day and you’re out at big rallies and you’re just going off the cuff, there are going to be times when you’re going to say stuff you wish you could take back.”

How nice of Christie to apologize for Romney! Romney himself stands by the joke and says, “we’ve got to have a little humor in a campaign.” I couldn’t agree more! That’s why I laughed ridiculously hard when I got a message in my Facebook feed on Friday from the Obama campaign saying, “Today’s a good day to buy one of our Made in the USA mugs—with the President’s birth certificate on the back.” Now that’s political comedy! Not only did the Obama campaign’s good humor move me to laughter, it also moved me to donate. I bought the mug, featured below, along with some more hilarious Obama campaign gear:

  • Birther Mug 1 of 7
    Birther Mug
    The mug is Made in the USA - just like the President.
    Mug, $22.50
  • I Bark for Barack 2 of 7
    I Bark for Barack
    Bo Obama has always been a lovable figure, but after news broke that Romney locked his family dog in a box on the roof of his car, the image of Bo and his loving owner became an important one for the Obama campaign.
    Car magnet, $10
  • BFD 3 of 7
    I <3 Obamacare!
    Tee, $30
  • Obama Dog Coat 4 of 7
    Obama Dog Coat
    You'd be hard pressed to put a dog in a Romney coat, now wouldn't you?
    Dog Coat, $30
  • Cheers, Champ! 5 of 7
    Cheers, Champ!
    Chug-a-lug with Amtrak Joe! (Who doesn't actually drink beer, btw. Irony!)
    Beer Cozy, $10
  • Cup of Joe 6 of 7
    Cup of Joe
    Steaming hot cup of Biden, anyone?
    Mug, $22.50
  • Fired up! 7 of 7
    Fired up!
    A play on "Fired up! Ready to go!," the crowd cheer that amped Obama's supporters up prior to the 2008 election.
    Grill set, $65

All images via the Obama campaign store.

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