Huh? Young Mother Claims Smoking While Pregnant Was Actually Good for her Baby?!?

CigaretteThere are some people have some pretty bizarre beliefs. While misguided opinions may harm just themselves, others do harm to more fragile and innocent lives, case in point? The young mother in Great Britain who didn’t just believe that there wasn’t anything wrong with smoking while pregnant but that smoking thousands of cigarettes while knocked up was actually good for her daughter. Huh?

Twenty-year-old Charlie Wilcox appeared on a British show called Misbehaving Mums To Be while pregnant and was under the impression that her smoking was helping her daughter and that by “cutting off the oxygen supply she made her daughter’s heart work harder, making her stronger in the long run.”

Wilcox stated that, “on a typical day when I was pregnant I would smoke a fag every 45 minutes, especially if it was the morning. I’d have a fag with every cup of tea I made. On an average day I’d smoke a minimum of 20.” She continued saying, “I love smoking. I love just having that something there to do. Roll a fag. Smoke the fag. Watch TV. Have another fag. You’re constantly doing something, so it makes it like a hobby.” And that, “During my pregnancy, I thought that if I was smoking so much and it was cutting off oxygen to the baby, then surely it would have made her use her own heart and the muscles she’d have to use when she was out. ”

The young mother had been smoking since she was 14 and said that, “I wasn’t ready to give up smoking. I think if I’d given up straightaway, the stress would have been more harmful to the baby.”

Her baby was born about 10 days early and was a pound under the average weight for a baby girl, but thankfully is so far healthy. But even though she smoked like a maniac while pregnant she avoids smoking in front of her baby now and smokes outside. Better late than never I guess.

Do you think there should be some kind of laws against smoking while pregnant? Making it a criminal offense?

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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