‘Human Barbie Ups the Psycho Ante, Plans Birthday Parties for Tween Girls at Botox Clinic

Human Barbie
Start 'em young!

What do you get a little girl who has everything? And by everything, I mean a liposuction voucher and a boob job voucher?

Why, a birthday party at a Botox clinic, of course.

Sarah Burge, who grossly seems to get off by being known as the “Human Barbie” because she has spent in excess of half a million dollars on plastic surgery procedures, as well as the nut job who gifted her 7-year-old daughter with promissory notes for future breast enhancements and fat suctioning, is upping the ante of her Worst Mother of All Time status (sorry, Joan Crawford!) by planning innocent little shindigs, according to Mommyish, that will easily doom all attendees to a lifetime full of unhealthy “Toddlers & Tiaras” obsessions (is there any other kind?).

Sarah is going into the party planning business for girls ranging in age from 7 to 13. While they won’t actually be getting Botox (sorry girls! Maybe next year!), they’ll still be able to enjoy things like spray tans and hair extensions while celebrating in a clinic where botulism is actually injected into the faces of other paying customers.

What, was the plastic surgeon unavailable on the dates of Sarah’s parties to perform nose jobs on the barely-developing girls? Is the bikini-waxer otherwise occupied on all of those same afternoons? Does the teeth-bleaching dentist not make house calls to the Botox clinic? Just spray tans and hair extensions?

Better luck at your next parties, young ladies! Particularly because Sarah is quoted as saying young girls these days are in desperate need of some kind of “wow factor.”

And to that, what else is there to say to the girls (and their parents) who will actually have a birthday party in a Botox clinic, other than: mission accomplished.

Article Posted 4 years Ago

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