Hurricane Sandy Halloween Costume? Is That Really a Thing?

Personally, I think it is too soon. But apparently there is chatter that there will indeed be Hurricane Sandy Halloween costumes this year. Although Halloween costumes come in all sorts of themes, colors and styles, Halloween outfits are predominately supposed to be scary. And Hurricane Sandy was scary for sure. So how does one do a Hurricane Sandy costume?

Bostinno.com had a couple suggestions such as dressing as a storm, a Hurricane reporter, or dressing up as  Sandy from Grease.  And since Hurricane Sandy was nicknamed Frankenstorm, there are all sorts of Frankenstein meets windswept looks you could cobble together.

Twitter users, of course, had their own suggestions for hurricane Sandy costumes:

JessicaChertock tweeted, “Someone should dress up as hurricane sandy for Halloween and just run into people and knock them down. Great costume.”

ChrisHodorf tweeted, “If you need a last-minute costume idea, here it is: dress up as Sandy from Spongebob and write “hurricane” on your chest #genius”

Moss_Robert tweeted: “Somewhere – there’s someone – who’s thinking a *Slutty Hurricane Sandy Victim* costume is a good idea.”

Do you think it’s a tacky move and “too soon” to try to pull off a Hurricane Sandy costume?



Article Posted 6 years Ago

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