Husband Dies In Order to Save Pregnant Wife's Life

A Vancouver man who was killed in a car wreck Friday is being called a hero by his wife and many people who watched the story of his death on the Today Show.

Brian Wood died after making the split-second decision to swerve his car and save the life of his pregnant wife, Erin, who was badly bruised in the accident but is, along with her unborn baby, otherwise safe.

Wood appeared on the Today Show and told the story and said his actions were in line with his everyday bravery.

The two were traveling to Washington state when a oncoming car suddenly swerved into their lane. Without thinking, Brian cranked the steering wheel in order to, Erin says, take the brunt of the impact and protect her and the couple’s baby.

Brian apparently died instantly, which Erin realized when rescue workers attended to her while leaving him alone.

She says Brian’s sacrifice was typical of him. She is, of course, heartbroken as they were both excited about their first child, who is due Nov. 5.

Investigators at the accident suspect drugs played something of a role in the accident. They found heroin, cocaine and a pistol in or near the car. Jordyn Weichert, the driver, has been charged with vehicular homicide and vehicular assault. Investigators believe she drove into the wrong lane while she was taking off her sweater. Her front seat passenger, who was killed, had accidentally steered the car across the highway and the two overcompensated when they attempted to out of oncoming traffic.

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