Hyland’s Teething Tablets Back in 2011

Hyland’s Teething Tablets

In late October, the news of a voluntary recall on the popular over the counter, homeopathic teething relief for children sparked controversy all over the internet. Inconsistent amounts of ingredients in the tablets themselves sparked the FDA to step in.

Two weeks later the word is out that a new, and reformulated version of the popular teething tablets will be available again. Unfortunately for many parents who are anxiously awaiting the availability, it will not be back on shelves until after the new year.

Carlotta, a commenter on the original Hyland’s Recall post left a comment with this great information yesterday.

According to an interview on the website with John P. (Jay) Borneman, PhD, Standard Homeopathic Co’s CEO :

The formulation was already through a lot of the preliminary work and the packaging piece is already there. We do, however, need to put this through a new process, which is going to require quite a bit of process validation—and you can’t rush that. So the new Teething Tablets product won’t be out until 2011. When in 2011? Hopefully it will be earlier rather than later—that is the objective.

The changes to the formula have been described by Jay Borneman, PhD as :

The potencies in this better-than-ever Teething Tablets formula have been tweaked in such a way that the issue of belladonna alkaloids—which occur in low-potency belladonna but not in higher-potency belladonna—will be removed. This will make the product more powerful homeopathically while reducing the belladonna alkaloids in it. From my view, a slightly higher-potency belladonna makes Teething Tablets an even better product for children from a homeopathic perspective. The belladonna still serves its purpose of easing irritability, redness and inflammation, while at the same time the issue of belladonna alkaloids has been obviated.

The original Hyland’s Teething Tablets formulation was really an artifact of the time when it was formulated. The way products were formulated 85 years ago was different from how they are formulated now. If you look at some of our newer products—such as our Teething Gel, which we rolled out in the last decade or so—you will see that the homeopathic potencies are generally higher and the bases are a little bit different

In 2011, we should expect a new teething tablet formula, as well as a childproof cap.

Will parent’s across the world still rave about the product with the change in their formula?

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